www.CNGCAR.net, Dracut

Host Site Coordinator: www.CNGCAR.net, Dracut, MA

Event Type: Traveling CNG Vehicle

Attendees: Estimated 250 individuals took part via the Web

Event Highlights: On October 12, 2006, alternative fuel gurus were able to follow along with a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria powered by CNG as it traveled across the State of Massachusetts. Stopping at various CNG refueling stations along the way allowed time to spread Odyssey’s message. Interested individuals were able to follow the progress via GPS tracking on the CNGCAR Web site and use Instant Messenger to receive up-to-date travel information. The following list shows the various stops along the way, and also can serve as a reminder for everyone as to where they too can fill up their alternative fuel vehicle.

9:00 am–AVSG refueling station in Tewksbury, located at 20 Main Street
9:30 am–AVSG refueling station in Stoneham, located at 164 Pond Street
10:00 am–AVSG refueling station in Everett, located at 15 Rover Street
11:30 pm–AVSG refueling station in Worcester, located at 25 Lake Avenue North
1:30 pm–AVSG refueling station in Newton, located on RT 128S after Exit 21A Highway Service Area
2:00 pm–AVSG refueling station in Lexington, located at 128 Exit 30A (Route 2A) Highway Service Area