Wetzel County Autumn Fest, Pine Grove, WV

Host Site Coordinator: Wetzel County Autumn Fest, Pine Grove, WV

Event Type: Heritage Fair with educational and hands-on activities

Attendees: 500 Students (3rd – 6th grades), Educators, Elected Officials, Car Dealers, Representatives from Local Businesses, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: Wetzel County Farm Bureau and Community Education Outreach Services

Event Highlights: Odyssey Day at the Wetzel County Autumn Fest was a part of the Safety Day Events held during the Autumn Fest. Over 500 school children, county FFA chapters, elected officials, car dealers, and other businesses participated in the day. Each child attending received a take-home bag with literature and other items to share with their families. Alternative fuel vehicles were on display as well as different types of fuels.