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Westwood High School E-Club


Attendance: 24

Event Highlights:

Environmental science students from Westwood Regional High School celebrated Odyssey Day late due to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in October.  Students watched the Odyssey video then discussed alternative fuel vehicle production in response to increasing consumer demand.  Students also deduced that if consumer demand of alternative fuel vehicles continues to increase, then eventually we will be able to reduce our demand of fossil fuels and become independent of foreign oil.

Students during Odyssey Day

Students during Odyssey Day

Students during Odyssey Day


Host: Westwood High School E-Club, New Jersey

School: Westwood High School

Attendance: 42

Event Highlights: Students from Westwood High School’s E-Club and two environmental science classes viewed and discussed the Odyssey video. They found the video to be informative and plan to show it many more times. The information significantly changed their outlooks on alternative fuels.