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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Event Location:
Salt Lake City, UT

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Irene Rizza, Site Coordinator
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Sponsors/Partners: Salt Lake Community College, the Electric Vehicle Coalition of Utah, Semi Service Inc., Go Natural CNG, Go Natural Towing, Alternative Vehicle Solutions,  Department of Air Quality, Questar, Cardwell, Ken Garff Honda

Attendance: 250 students, consumers


Event Highlights: An open house showcasing alternative fuel vehicles and technology was held at Salt Lake Community College’s Sandy Campus in celebration of National AFV Day Odyssey. Vehicles such as the 1989 Batmobile (converted to run on CNG), a CNG tow truck, electric plug-in Porsches, an electric plug-in truck, and more were on display at the Utah Clean Cities Coalition hosted event. Fueling, purchase, and related technologies information were available for attendees, and discussions were held throughout the day about the importance of alternative fuels and their availability in Utah.

Contact: Carrie Giles, Northern Director


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Host Site Coordinators: Salt Lake Community College and Utah Clean Cities Coalition

Event Type: Public Outreach

Sponsors/Partners: Media One of Utah, Lancer Automotive, Questar, Semi-Service, Go Natural, Salt Lake Community College, and State Energy Office

Attendees: 90 Government, General Public, Students, OEM’s, Press, Vendors

Event Highlights: Utah’s 2008 National AFV Day Odyssey Celebration was held at the Karen G. Miller Conference Center on the Larry H. Miller College campus in partnership with Salt Lake Community College, Utah Clean Cities Coalition and its stakeholders. The public was invited to attend a free forum of speakers focused on energy issues, alternative fuels and energy strategies, college training programs for alternative fuels and an AFV vehicle display. Partners provided press releases and media coverage during the event, along with lunch and snacks during the presentation. The event fosters new partnerships, new solutions, and increased awareness of challenges facing Utah in 2009.



Site: Salt Lake Clean Cities Coalition, Salt Lake City

Format: Fair

Audience: Parents, Students, Fleet Managers

Attendees: 100

Highlights: Great media coordination. Did 15 radio interviews.