University of Riverside Center for Environmental Research and Technology / Purpose Focused Alternative Learning Corporation, Riverside


Sponsors/Partners: Strategic, Energy, Environmental and Transportation Alternatives (SEETA), Air Quality Management District (AQMD)

Attendance: 50 educators, students, government agencies, consumers

Event Highlights: Matthew Barth, the executive director of Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CERT), opened with an overview of the research accomplishments in emission reduction vehicle technologies and renewable fuels science. Several expert speakers spoke about alternative fuels, renewable fuels technology, policy, and regulatory requirements (barriers).

Other speakers included CERT staff members Tom Durbin and Charles Wyman, SEETA Executive Director Cynthia Verdugo-Peralta, and South Coast AQMD representative Dipankar Sarkar from the Technology Demonstration Division. More than ten vehicles were also on display – including a CNG transit bus and refuse truck, electric utility vehicles, dedicated fuel cell hydrogen vehicles, flexible fuel vehicles and hybrids.

Contact: Jim Dexter, Deputy Director


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Co-host Contact: Joanne Armenta, Executive Dircetor