University of Northwestern Ohio



Date: April 19th
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

UNOH Event Center
1441 N. Cable Rd. 1744 Hartzler Rd.
Lima, OH 45805

Steven Klausing, Site Coordinator
Email • 1 (419) 227-3141 ext. 7943


Event Highlights:

The University of Northwestern Ohio hosted their Odyssey event in the campus event center. Exhibitors provided information on the various types of alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehiclesThe Corn and Wheat Growers Association provided a Farmal tractor that was converted to E15 using a 350 Chevy engine. Other vehicles on display included a 2014 Prius, a Chevy Volt, a Nissan Leaf, and a Dodge Ram that is able to be fueled by vegetable oil, biodiesel 100, biodiesel 20, diesel, and propane. A CuboGas CNG fuel station was on display to show participants who may not have used CNG how the station functions.



Steven Klausing, Site Coordinator

email • 419-227-3141 Extension 7943

Andy O’Neal, Site Coordinator

email • 419-998-2048

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Event Location:
Lima, OH

Event Highlights: coming soon

Steven Klausing, Site Coordinator
email • (419) 227-3141 • Host Page



Host Site Coordinator: University of Northwestern Ohio

Event Type: Fair

Attendees: 1,500 Students, Vocational Schools, Public

Event Highlights: University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) held its 2008 National AFV Day Odyssey event for attendees to be introduced to alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles which are available at UNOH and in the industry. Some of the participants were Clean Fuels USA, American AG Fuels, and Findlay Toyota. American AG Fuels displayed on how biodiesel is processed and had examples of different grades of fuels. Findlay Toyota had a Toyota Camry hybrid on hand and Clean Fuels USA displayed a liquid propane injection school bus from Blue Bird. Training aids consisted of a natural gas van and truck, Vapor propane truck, Prius, and an E85 converted Toyota Solara. UNOH also displayed a project truck, which is a Dodge Ram Dually that runs on four different fuels at the turn of a switch. The four fuels include vegetable oil, B-100, B-20, and Diesel fuel. In the future, the students will install propane injection. The alternative fuels students manned the UNOH booth displaying fuels and other items to highlight the programs capabilities. The event was a huge success.



Host Site Coordinator: University of Northwestern Ohio, Lima, OH

Event Type: Educational Workshops, Vehicle Displays, Informational Booths

Attendees: 2,300 Students, Instructors, Educators

Participating Sponsors / Partners: American Ag Fuel, and Greater Ohio Ethanol

Event Highlights: An internal awareness and recruiting event was held as part of National AFV Day Odyssey. The two-part session included a morning and evening event, which provided students with information on alternative fuels and educating them of the benefits associated with each of the various fuels. Those students attending the UNOH evening Odyssey session were provided with a catered meal. In addition, educational booths were set up for students to obtain information about alternative fuel options. Also on display was the ethanol engine built by UNOH students that was entered into the national AERA (Engine Builders Association) competition in Indianapolis. Outside students were able to view 14 various alternative fuel vehicles including a Toyota Hybrid Highlander, a Toyota Prius, and many others.



Site: University of Northwestern Ohio

Format: Fair/Conference/Exhibit

Audience: Elected Officials, Government Officials, Education Professionals, Students, and General Public

Attendees: 440

Highlights: Extensive AFV display, including a Ford hydrogen vehicle ride and drive. “Funny car” driver Mark Thomas attended event. Emissions testing.



Site: University of Northwestern Ohio, Lima

Format: Conference/Fair

Audience: Students, Community, Industry

Attendees: 200

Highlights: Talks by a Prius trainer and the regional manager for Toyota; five-time world champion for ethanol Funny cars Mark Thomas spoke; 15-17 displays including Lung Association, Ford, GM, Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, a local propane company and more; ride and drive; performed a side-by-side gas analysis comparison of gasoline and ethanol vehicles; three vocational schools helped with the planning and brought students to the event; local talk show host was there.