Tyler Junior College Automotive Technology Program, Tyler

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David Briscoe


With over 100 participants, Tyler Junior College’s 2014 Odyssey event showcased alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. They included a Chevrolet Volt, Hyundai Sonata hybrid, and many others. Event attendees were able to take part in a ride and drive at the Tyler Junior College Skills Training Center. Speakers included Tyler Junior College Faculty and other local individuals involved with alternative fuel technology in Tyler, TX. Sponsors included Allen Samuel Hyundai and First Alt Fuels.


David Briscoe, Site Coordinator
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Attendance: 176

Event Highlights: Tyler Junior College’s Odyssey drew over 163 students and participants. The majority of the people attending were automotive technicians, faculty, or students—automotive students from two local high schools were among the attendees. Students from the local high schools attempted to fit nineteen people in a 2005 Toyota Prius. In addition to the displayed Prius, the college’s Odyssey event included four speakers who presented information on everything from biodiesel to electric vehicles. The college also offered visitors the chance to participate in a Ride-and-Drive event. For many participants, this was their first opportunity to ride in a hybrid electric vehicle.


Sponsors/Partners: The Discovery Science Place

Attendance: 75 students

Event Highlights: During the Tyler Junior College Automotive Technology program’s second Odyssey Day, first- and second-year students were introduced to the growing problem that the United States uses the Earth’s resources at a rate far greater than the rest of the world. Solutions to part of the problem were also introduced to the students. They were fascinated at the reality that a car has the capability to travel forty to fifty miles without a single drop of fuel being used. They also enjoyed learning that as battery technology evolves, consumers may see cars capable of traveling more than 100 miles before needing a recharge.

Contact: Jeff Parks, Associate Dean/ Automotive Department Chair


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Host Site Coordinator: Tyler Junior College

Event Type: Vehicle Display, Educational Workshop

Attendees: 29 Students

Event Highlights: Located on the west campus of Tyler Junior College, the Skills Training Center hosted the first annual National AFV Day Odyssey. Students attended a multimedia presentation covering alternative fuel sources and vehicle designs — past, present and future. The session started off with National AFV Day Odyssey ball caps and ended with a lively question and answer period! After the classroom session, students had the opportunity to inspect hybrid vehicles and speak with their owners about the advantages of hybrid ownership. To wrap up the session, students were given bags filled with Tyler Junior College pens and notepads, NAFTC brochures, and informational literature on alternative fuel sources and energy conservation.