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Cub Scouts, Clean Air Choice Team Join Up For Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey Event

Cub Scouts Pack 120 leader Eric Ziegler requested the Clean Air Choice team to host the April meeting in Farmington, MN. There will be 40 Cub Scouts along with parents, friends and grandparents learning about the benefits of using E85 and biodiesel. While Farmington is located in a rural area, 99 percent of the kids are “city kids” who are unfamiliar with farming or the role locally grown corn and soybeans are used in vehicle transportation.

While the focus will be on the kids in grades kindergarten to 5th, parents will be actively involved in the evening. Scouts will learn about biofuels and how to identify if their parents’ vehicles can use E85 or biodiesel. There are nine E85 stations in the area, with many stations selling biodiesel blends.

Everyone should understand that their choices can make a difference, even kids. Drive less. Drive Smarter. Drive Cleaner. Lessen your exposure. Takeaways include planting seeds and receiving tire gauges to help remind the adults in their daily lives to make a Clean Air Choice every day.


Riverview Elementary School

4100 208th Street West

Farmington, MN 55024


Farmington Cub Scouts

6:30 pm – 8 pm


Ford F150 FFV will be part of event


Lisa Thurstin, Site Coordinator

email • (651) 223-9568 • Host PageTwitterFacebook


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Date/Time: TBA

Event Location:
Saint Paul, MN

Event Highlights: coming soon

Lisa Thurstin, Site Coordinator
email • (651) 223-9568 • Host PageTwitterFacebook



Sponsors/Partners:  Linn Companies, Minnesota Corn Growers Association, Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, Minnesota Office of Energy Security, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Al-Corn Clean Fuel, Highwater Ethanol, General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities, American Lung Association in Minnesota

Attendance: 400 consumers, educators

Event Highlights:  A stream of flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) filled up at Cottage Grove BP Daily Express, where, in celebration of the Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition Odyssey event, the first twenty customers in line received E85 for 85 cents per gallon. The customers who followed received a 60-cent per gallon discount. In total, 835 gallons were sold, preventing more than three tons of pollutants from entering the air.

The event was reported via statewide radio and online sites. Two other events also promoted National AFV Day Odyssey in Minnesota. The first was held at Jack’s BP in Watkins, Minnesota, and kicked off an E85 Frequent Fuel Card campaign. The second event, held at the Education Minnesota Conference in Saint Paul, Minnesota, was attended by more than 300 educators who checked out a new flexible fuel Ford Fusion provided by Inver Grove Ford Lincoln Mercury.

Contact: Lisa Thurstin, Clean Cities Coordinator


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Host Site Coordinator: Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition and American Lung Association of Minnesota

Event Type: Panel Sessions, Exhibits, Informational Booths

Sponsors/Partners: General Motors Corporation, Minnesota Corn Growers Association, Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, Minnesota Dept of Commerce, Minnesota Dept of Agriculture, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities, and American Lung Association of Minnesota

Attendees: 250 Industry Professionals, Government Employees

Event Highlights: The Renewable Fuels Standard requires the use of 600 million gallons of advanced biofuels in 2009, increasing to 21 billion gallons by 2022. The three-day “Advanced Biofuels Workshop and Trade Show” addressed provisions of the RFS and the development of advanced biofuels technologies. Breakout sessions focused on technology updates, market challenges, R&D activities, and government programs in support of advanced biofuels. The Clean Air Choice exhibit directed attendees to MN fuel stations, grant programs available and the website for future reference. Attendees included project developers, engineers, technology providers, equipment suppliers, biofuels marketers, researchers, academia, and policymakers, along with many distinguished speakers such as David Morris of the Institute for Local Self Reliance and Dr. Robert Zubrin author of “Energy Victory: Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil.”

BBI International strives to substantially reduce waste, use environmentally friendly products, and reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. In partnership with the Minneapolis Convention Center, sustainability efforts were taken to ensure that the event was as low waste and energy efficient as possible as well!



Host Site Co-Coordinators: Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition and American Lung Association of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Event Type: Refueling Discounts, Informational Pieces

Attendees: 225 General Public, Clean Air Organizations, Government Officials

Participating Sponsors / Partners: AgStar Financial Services, Minnesota Corn Growers, Holiday Station Stores, Blue Earth County Corn Growers, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC), and the Minnesota E85 Team

Event Highlights: With Minnesota drivers leading the nation in E85 use, consumer education was the top priority for this year’s Odyssey Day event. Now that E85 has begun to click with Minnesota drivers, they are expected to buy 20 million gallons of the cleaner-burning alternative to gasoline this year. To get motorists in the mood to make the E85 switch, October 12 served as a day when E85 could be bought for under a buck! Approximately 3,700 gallons of E85 were sold, equating to an estimated savings of 14–20 tons of fuel lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions. With more than 200 FFVs filling up in 5 hours, this was the largest E85 station event to date and a great way to recognize nearby AgStar Financial Services for their support of the Minnesota E85 Team station grant program that helped finance the station.



Site: Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Media Event/Exhibit

Audience: General Public

Attendees: 200

Highlights: E85 fuel promotion.