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Sponsors/Partners: Biodiesel 4 Schools, Capital Ford, EcoCAR2, Piedmont Natural Gas

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Triangle Clean Cities Event at Wilson Community College
Wilson, North Carolina
9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Triangle Clean Cities Event at Central Carolina Community College—Pittsboro Campus
Pittsboro, North Carolina Campus
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Event Highlights: In partnership with Wilson Community College, Triangle Clean Cities Coalition (TCCC) hosted a National AFV Odyssey Day event in Wilson, NC. The event drew 53 people (including some high school automotive classes), who came to learn about AFVs from alumnus TCCC chair Rich Cregar. Mr. Cregar demonstrated how a Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle is constructed and how it operates.  A Ford Focus plug-in electric vehicle (PEV), a GEM PEV, a Chevy Volt extended-range electric vehicle, a Piedmont Natural Gas Chevy Tahoe CNG bi-fuel truck, a Biodiesel 4 Schools biodiesel pick-up truck, and a campus sustainability tour rounded out the presentations.

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  Green NC, North Carolina State Fair

Attendance: 106,000 consumers

Event Highlights: Triangle Clean Cities (TCC) partnered with Green NC at the 2010 North Carolina State Fair, where they presented an Odyssey booth. TCC’s goal was to educate attendees about vehicle idling and the negative effects it has on the environment. They offered a fun, interactive game that informed participants about the effects of vehicle idling and gave them information on idle reduction strategies. In addition, more than 400 people signed a pledge saying they would stop vehicle idling from occurring in their communities.

Throughout the period of the fair, Rich Cregar, a professor at Wake Tech Community College, gave two presentations. One presentation was on biofuels (biodiesel and ethanol), and the second was about electric transportation.


Contact: Kathy Boyer, Triangle Clean Cities Coordinator

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Host Site Co-Coordinators: Triangle Clean Cities, Wake Technical College, and NC State Fair

Event Type: Fair

Sponsors/Partners: Hybrid Technologies, The Biofuels Center of NC, Bleeker Automotive, Go Triangle, Wake Technical Community College, Biofuels Center of North Carolina, Duke, and Progress Energy

Attendees: 28,500 General Public

Event Highlights: October 16th through the 26th, the Triangle Clean Cities Coalition celebrated National AFV Day Odyssey 2008 by participating in the North Carolina State Fair’s “Green NC” exhibit. “Green NC” was host to over thirty exhibitors and allowed State Fair-goers the opportunity to learn about sustainable foods, eco-friendly living, water conservation, recycling, energy, alternative fuels and travel, through a series of informative and interactive experiences and presentations. “Green NC” inspired thousands of NC State Fair visitors to think about the impact they have on our environment and took home “green” ideas and techniques that they can incorporate into daily life. The energy and environment theme of the exhibit is planned to continue during the 2009 and 2010 NC State Fair. Some of the displays included a biodiesel production unit; a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV); an INDY race car dependent completely on E85 ethanol fuel; a plug-in hybrid electric Toyota Prius; and an all-electric motorcycle that can travel up to 100 miles after a 4-hour charge from any standard household electrical socket, with no impact on air quality. These and many other items caught the attention of fair-goers while prompting questions on the positive effects alternative fuels can have on our environment and our wallets.



Host Site Coordinator: Triangle Clean Cities Coalition, Research Triangle Park, NC, and Wake Tech Community College, Raleigh, NC

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Exhibits, Informational Booths

Attendees: 3,500 Students, Government Officials, OEMs, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: NC Soybean Producers Association, State Energy Office, NC Department of Transportation, Town of Chapel Hill, and Bleecker Automotive

Event Highlights: Due to the high volume of people filtering through the fair throughout the week, thousands viewed the vehicles as information was disseminated about the important message on alternative fuels and sustainable energy sources. There was a high interest in the NEV and biodiesel. Many of the visitors were children who came by gathering information for school projects on alternative fuels. Many folks were curious as to why the United States hadn’t embarked on this effort years ago. Everyone was extraordinarily supportive of pushing the effort forward in order to preserve our energy and fuel resources and provide a more sustainable environment for meeting our transportation needs “down the road.” The rain may have slowed down the traffic on a few days, but not the overall interest in alternative fuels. What a tremendous way to get the news out and let people know the direction of sustainable energy in our future, both in the Triangle and in the United States.



Site: Wake Technical Community College/Triangle Clean Cities/EV Challenge

Format: Fair with barbecue and music

Audience: Government and Local Officials, State and Private Fleet Owners, Students, and General Public

Attendees: 600

Highlights: North Carolina governor’s proclamation of AFV Day. Fifty-five gallon biodiesel fuel giveaway. Events similar to Odyssey in two other cities. Presentation by Veggie Van Driver. Focus on biodiesel. T-shirt given to each Odyssey survey respondent.



Site: Wake Technical Community College, Raleigh

Format: Workshop/Exhibits and Ride and Drives

Audience: Fleets, Transportation Sector, Public, Students

Attendees: 128

Highlights: Ride and drive was a big draw; conference included eight presenters on topics such as animal waste to methanol; ethanol report by UNC; Wake had a true partnership with local Clean Cities Coalition; Ride and Drive.