The Community College of Baltimore County – Catonsville Campus / Maryland Clean Cities Coalition, Baltimore


Sponsors/Partners: AAA, Bob Lupini, Buick, Chevy, Ford, International Electrical Contractors, Toyota, Vehicles for Changes

October 18, 2012

Event Location:
Baltimore, MD

Event Highlights: The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) has participated in National AFV Odyssey since its inception in 2002. CCBC’s president, Sandra L. Kurtinitis, and CCBC’s director, Joan Swiston began the event with a welcome speech. Delegate Malone also attended the event, speaking to participants as he moved through the crowd. The event featured educational sessions that ran two times throughout the day. The session topics included: “The Truth about Electric and Hybrid Vehicles,” “Is Public Transportation Really ‘Green?’” and “Fleet Vehicles: Conventional to Alternative Fuel.” Participants also had a chance to visit the exhibition booths, receive giveaways, and complete a survey.

Terry Wolfe, Site Coordinator
email • (443) 840-4968 • Host Page

Thomas Hartel, Site Coordinator
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Sponsors/Partners:AutoFlex/Vet Cars, Eaton Corporation, the Veterans Administration, Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motor Company, General Motors, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Verizon, Maryland Department of the Environment, Beltway Truck Companies, Navistar International Corporation

Attendance: 310 students, consumers, educators, fleet managers, certified auto centers and body shop representatives, state and county representatives, “green” vehicle stakeholders

Event Highlights: Focusing on automotive choices, cleaner transportation, and preserving America’s energy independence, this year’s event featured a display of alternative fuel vehicles, seminars, and workshops. These included panel discussions on fuels (ethanol, biodiesel, propane, CNG, and electric), Toyota plug-in hybrids, GM hybrid strategies, Ford hybrids, and Eaton electric charging stations.

The highlight of the day was the certificate award ceremony for a group of U.S. veterans who completed CCBC’s first ever “Installation of Electric Charging Stations” class. It was with great enthusiasm and celebration that Delegate James Malone, Veteran’s Administration’s Tim Landis, and Tonja L. Ringgold, Ph.D., celebrated the group’s accomplishments.

Event Location:
Community College of Baltimore County
800 South Rolling Road
Catonsville, MD 21228


Contact: R. Terry Wolfe, Associate Professor


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Host Site Coordinator and Co-Coordinators: Community College of Baltimore County and Maryland Clean Cities Coalition

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Conference

Sponsors/Partners: GM Powertrain, Toyota

Attendees: 250 General Public, Students

Event Highlights: The Community College of Baltimore County, along with the Maryland Clean Cities Coalition, held their 2008 National AFV Day on the Community College of Baltimore College’s campus. The event drew in a fantastic crowd with vehicle displays, presentations and panel discussions. Over 16 alternative fuel vehicles were on display including a hydrogen-powered vehicle, a BG&E electric van, a hybrid bus, a BG&E boom truck, a hybrid Chevy Tahoe, and an E85 Dodge. An exciting and informative “Fuel” panel discussion took place with representation from biodiesel, ethanol, electric, and CNG industries. Toyota also offered an up-to-date presentation on hybrids.



Host Site Coordinator: Community College of Baltimore County – Catonsville and Metropolitan Baltimore Clean Cities, Baltimore, MD

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Educational Workshops, Exhibitor Booths
Attendees: 500 Students, Educators, Government Officials, Fleet Managers

Participating Sponsors / Partners: U.S. Department of Energy, The Maryland Energy Administration, The Baltimore Metropolitan Council, Maryland Department of Environment, Maryland Clean Cities, Maryland AAA, and MD and GM/Diesel Technology Forum

Event Highlights: This year’s Odyssey focused on automotive choices, cleaner transportation, and preserving America’s energy independence. Five hundred participants from various two- and four-year colleges, high school instructors, students, fleet management companies, certified auto centers, body shops, department of agriculture, department of natural resources, MD vehicle administration, service stations, MD public TV, MD port administration, MD Transit Administration, U.S. Army Environmental Center, and various local television stations came out to learn about alternative fuels and cleaner choices in transportation. Educational sessions featured expert training for automotive technicians and mechanics on the operation and maintenance of alternative fuel vehicles, while participants examined the latest models in AFVs and had an opportunity to ride in an MTA hybrid bus.



Site: Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville Campus/Baltimore Clean Cities/Maryland Energy Administration/Baltimore Metropolitan Council

Format: Conference/Fair/Exhibit

Audience: General Public, Students, and Fleet Operators

Attendees: 222

Highlights: Four break-out sessions. Vehicle exhibits. Toyota hybrid informational presentation. General Motors fuel cell presentation.