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The Burlington County Institute of Technology, Mt. Holly, NJ

Host Site Coordinator: The Burlington County Institute of Technology, Mt. Holly, NJ

Event Type: Open House, Vehicle Exhibits, Question and Answer Series

Attendees: 75 Students, Educators, General Public

Event Highlights: An open house was held in order to allow attendees to get a better idea of the current projects that students are working on. This also allowed individuals to ask questions in an informal setting. The focus of the Odyssey Day event appeared to surround the BCIT students as they “inherited” an electric car about 2 years ago called the “Olympian,” a 1986 Ford Escort. This car had competed in the Tour De Sol for many years and never came above second place. During the second year with the car, 2006 BCIT students took first place. Additionally, students were able to showcase a second electric car, a 1999 Mercury Cougar, that runs under its own power. Students also showed off their skills by unveiling the current process of the conversion of a dual-fueled (gas and natural gas) Chevy S10 into a hybrid with the installation of an electric motor, making it a unique plug-in dual-fueled hybrid.