Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX


Host Site Coordinator: Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, TX

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Information Fair

Attendees: 2,500 Students, Government Officials, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: North Central Texas Council of Governments/Clean Cities Coalition

Event Highlights: Held in conjunction with the twoday Fort Worth Alliance Air show, which features the Air Force Thunderbirds, the Odyssey Day event was a huge success. The Odyssey booth for TCC included a 20’ X 50’ display including the TCC truck, trailer, Plymouth Prowler, and a Lexus Hybrid RX 400h. TCC also partnered with the North Central Texas Council of Governments/Clean Cities Coalition to further enhance the event. The booth saw a steady stream of interested patrons during the air show, and while the format was different from typical Odyssey events, the draw was enormous. Everyone at the event stopped by to learn more about alternative fuels, the benefits associated with their use, and ways they could help get involved and help to make a difference.



Site: Tarrant County College/North Texas Council of Governments Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Fair/Exhibit

Audience: Government Officials, Educators, Fleet Operators, Automotive Technicians, Student, and General Public

Attendees: 100

Highlights: Council of Governor’s keynote speaker. Toyota Prius technical training seminar. Honda CNG hybrid training. Biodiesel presentation.



Site: Tarrant County College, Fort Worth

Format: Fair – AFV Showcase

Audience: Fleets, Dealers, Schools, Transit Authority

Attendees: 150

Highlights: Texas Railroad Commission’s Franz Hoffman, president and chancellor, accepted the donation of a CNG Honda to the school; participation by local EPA, Clean Cities, Council of Governments.