Southwestern Community College – Creston


Thursday, October 18, 2012
9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Event Location:
Instructor Center, Automotive Department
1501 W. Townline Street
Creston, IA

Event Highlights: Southwestern Community College (SWCC) celebrated using alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, promoting clean technology, and reducing our nation’s energy dependence during its National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey event. The event hosts were very excited to be a part of an Odyssey event.  SWCC’s event gave them an opportunity to share valuable information with the public about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. Conference participants examined alternative fuel vehicles, viewed alternative fuel displays, and listened to speakers on a variety of topics, such as ethanol production using corn and algae, and alternative fuel programs.  Vendors and presenters included Iowa Clean Cities, Green Plains, NatGas Services, Stalker Chevrolet, and many more.

Vehicles on display in the automotive technology department at Southwestern Community College’s Odyssey event in Creston, Iowa. Credit: Southwestern Community College.

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