Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition


Event Partners:

Event Description: coming soon

Date and time: To be announced

Location: To be announced


Tom Schuck, Site Coordinator

email • 719-314-6204 • host page


Thursday, October 25, 2012
8:30 am – 6:00 pm

Friday, October 26, 2012
8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Event Location:
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Colorado Springs, CO

Event Highlights:
Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition’s Odyssey event will include a moderated session at the Colorado Sustainability Conference titled “National Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Day Odyssey 2012: Getting Up to Speed on AFVs and Advanced Technology Vehicles” Facilitated by Alicia Archibald. Speakers include: Dr. Don Vevreka, USAFA, biodiesel research and advancements, Dr. Gregory Plett, UCCS Battery Technology Program, and Dr. Thomas Bradley, CSU EcoCar2 faculty advisor.

Sarah Martin, Site Coordinator
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Sponsor/Partner: Governor’s Energy Office, Governor’s Biofuels Coalition, Delta Montrose  Electric Association, GoSmart Technologies

Attendance: 30 consumers

Event Highlights: The Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition and FORE Alliance hosted a community “Energize Your Savings” event in the town of Delta on Colorado’s Western Slope. This free event included workshops on home energy and fuel savings. In addition, an alternative fuel vehicle display attracted event attendees and recreation center visitors. A flexible fuel model Ford F-150, Toyota Prius, and B20-fueled Ford F-250 were provided by local dealership Hellman Motors. Sun Country Energy Solutions, a local weatherization company, also displayed its operational Toyota Prius. Mike Ogburn, clean vehicle technology expert, presented information on “How Colorado Fleets are Cutting Fuel Bills.”


Host Site Coordinator and Co-Coordinator: Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition, Delta and Colorado Bill Heddles Recreation Center

Event Type: Alternative Energy Expo and Forum, Vehicle Display and Information

Sponsors/Partners: Western Slope Environmental Resource Council, Colorado Rural Electric Association, Delta Area Development, Delta County Commissioners, Delta County Memorial Hospital, Dependable Lumber, First State Bank of Hotchkiss, Werlin Construction, DMEA, Tri State, Governors Energy Office, San Miguel Power, Fuel Tek Conversion Corp., Hellman Motor Company and the Colorado State Patrol

Attendees: 1,200 General Public, Government Officials, Fleet Managers

Event Highlights: On October 17th and 18th, the western slope of Colorado celebrated National AFV Day Odyssey in Delta, Colorado at the Alternative Energy Expo. Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition helped educate community members, government officials and fleet managers about alternative fuels, alternative fuel station locations, and alternative fuel choices. Many alternative fuel vehicles were displayed during the expo including a Colorado State Patrol Car, biodiesel school bus, CNG Ford F-250 truck, solar-powered vehicle, hybrid, and a flex-fuel vehicle. The community focused on the future of cleaner transportation, and preserving America’s energy independence.