Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership

Host Site Coordinator: Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership

Event Type: Speaker Presentations, Demonstrations

Sponsors/Partners: Blue Bird, Reed Gas, CleanFuel USA, Clean Fuel Partnership’s Steering Committee, Tulane University, Salathe Oil Company, Jefferson Parish, and Veolia Transportation/Jefferson Parish Transit

Attendees: 37 Students, General Public

Event Highlights: The Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership hosted an AFV Day Odyssey event for the New Orleans metropolitan area. The event was held at Warren Easton Senior High School’s auditorium in New Orleans. The event featured an in-depth demonstration of a Blue Bird propane-powered school bus. Other activities included speaker presentations on current and upcoming AFVs, biodiesel for diesel fleets, and propane-powered vehicles. The presentations complemented each other well. The event highlighted the need for a variety of alternative fuels and AFVs to address our current and future energy needs.