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Secondary Schools Invited to Host Odyssey 2012

The Odyssey program is pleased to announce that it will once again work with secondary schools in 2012. The secondary school outreach efforts aim to educate these future drivers and vehicle consumers about the possibility of a better environment and a brighter future with cleaner transportation technologies.

The date for Odyssey 2012 will be announced in the next few weeks. After that announcement is made the NAFTC will begin recruiting schools to participate.

This initiative is funded in part by the Advanced Electric Drive Vehicle Education Program.

The previous Odyssey secondary school efforts in 2010 reached more than 2,700 students in grades 7-12. The events were held at 26 secondary schools across 12 states throughout the nation.

These events in 2010 included a video presentation, distribution of Odyssey goodies including waters bottles and tote bags, and a question-and-answer season. Many students had the opportunity to see alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles on display, while others included hand-son activities as building a working model of a fuel cell car, automotive technology lab demonstrations, and EcoCar garage tours. Additionally, many of these events also featured environmentally friendly practices and tips.

A list participating schools in the 2010 Odyssey Day is available for review in the Odyssey 2010 Executive Summary. If your school is interested in hosting an Odyssey Day event in 2012, please contact or call 304-293-7882.