Industrial Biotechnology Academy


Event Highlights: At the Industrial Biotechnology Academy Odyssey 2014 event, science teachers  brought their students out to listen to company representatives describe their vehicles and the advantages of an alternative fuels. Saddle Creek Transportation provided a semi-truck tractor that uses compressed natural gas. A local Toyota dealer brought a Prius, and a Honda dealer provided a hybrid.

To encourage participation, before the assembly students were asked five questions about alternative fuels that would be answered during the presentations

Students in Biotech 2 and 3  researched various alternative fuels, providing displays at the school.


Marcia de Meza, Site Coordinator
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Attendance: 1,100

Event Highlights:

The Industrial Biotechnology Academy students of Lake Gibson High School researched and displayed posters on alternative fuels to their fellow students and offered intelligent questions to the presenters of the alternative fuel vehicles. Regal Automotive Group, Lakeland Toyota, Lakeland Electric, and the Traviss Career Center presented vehicles and information to all attendees.