Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium, Schenectady


Sponsors/Partners: Capital District Clean Cities, Eco Sun & Power, Lia Nissan

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Event Location:
Schenectady, NY

Event Highlights: The Museum of Innovation and Science, formerly the Schenectady Museum, hosted an Odyssey event on October 18th from 2 to 4 p.m. Museum educators led a special hands-on activity, Capital District Clean Cities representatives talked about efforts to create a clean community, and staff from Eco Sun & Power highlighted their clean energy products, including car charging stations. The event also featured several displays—a Fueling the Future exhibit, a Nissan Leaf exhibit, and a display comparing a 1910 GE charging station to a modern equivalent. The event drew 50 people. A repeat of the event on two days later attracted 160 people, not including the Clean Cities representatives.

Chris Hunter, Site Coordinator
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50 students, consumers

Event Highlights: The Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium hosted an alternative fuel exhibit on National AFV Day Odyssey. Museum visitors were invited to explore the Fueling the Future exhibit and learn about the historic, current, and future energy options used to power vehicles. The exhibit showcased biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, gasoline, and hydrogen and included a 1978 General Electric Centennial Electric car. Visitors were encouraged to consider the social and environmental consequences of using various types of fuels.




Host Site Coordinator: Schenectady Museum

Event Type: Lecture, Tour, Open-house

Attendance: 44 General Public

Event highlights: During Schenectady Museum’s National AFV Day Odyssey, participants were offered the tour “Fueling the Future,” the Museum’s exhibit on historic, current and future energy options, as well as a special tour of archives. A 1978 GE Centennial electric car was on display and participants were able to enjoy toy fuel cell cars in the FETCH lab, where science is fun for everyone.



Host Site Coordinator: Schenectady Museum, Schenectady, NY

Event Type: Exhibit, Educational Seminar

Attendees: 62 Students, General Public

Participating Partners: State Clean Fueled Vehicles Program and Mohawk Honda

Event Highlights: The grand opening of the “Fueling the Future” exhibit at the museum kicked off Odyssey Day event festivities. Individuals were able to listen to the “gas hoses” about production, consumption, and distribution of biodiesel, ethanol, and gasoline. Additionally, four cars were on site during the day: the GE Centennial electric car, which is part of the “Fueling the Future” exhibit, a Honda FCX from the NY State Clean Fueled Vehicles Program, and a Honda Hybrid civic from local Honda dealer, Mohawk Honda.