San Joaquin Valley Clean Cities Coalition



Event Highlights:

San Joaquin Valley Clean Cities Coalition hosted two best practices workshops to provide information on alternative fuels options available for local municipalities, school districts and businesses. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Electric Drive vehicles were highlighted. Several school districts in the San Joaquin Valley attended, as well as many local businesses that rely heavily on fleet use; including Bolthouse Farms, IKEA, Tejon Ranch, and FedEx. After the presentation, one-on-one meetings were held with each business in attendance to discuss alternative fuel applications for their businesses and available funding options.



Linda Urata, Site Coordinator



Host Site Coordinator: San Joaquin Valley Clean Cities Coalition

Event Type: Expo

Sponsors/Partners: Valley CAN Energy and Clean Air Business Expo, The Fresno Business Council, Pacific Gas and Electric, the Regional Jobs Initiative, and A1 Auto Electric

Attendees:  200 General Public, Business Community

Event Highlights: The Expo featured over 70 exhibitors demonstrating how businesses can incorporate energy-efficient methods and clean air values into everyday operations. Valley business leaders are in the unique position to lead by example and demonstrate that environmental consciousness and business prosperity can go hand-in-hand. During the event Valley CAN crushed polluting late model cars, which is always a crowd and media favorite. This year a ride-and-drive feature was added to the event and was a huge success. The indoor vehicle display also seemed to be as popular as the ride-and-drive, with Toyota, Honda, and Lexus on hand with vehicle displays, information and industry experts. A1 Auto Electric was also on hand distributing CNG medium-duty vehicle information and answering questions.


Site: California San Joaquin Valley Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Conference

Audience: Fleet Operators/Owners, Environmental Organization Representatives, and Alternative Fuel Equipment Providers

Attendance: 120

Highlights: Clean fuels and alternative fuel vehicle “success stories.”