Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Host Site Coordinator: Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Event Type: Presentations, Vehicle Display, Ride-and-Drives, Tradeshow

Attendees: 110 Fleet Managers, OEMs, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, Innovative Hydrogen Solutions, and Manitoba Hydro

Event Highlights: Various sessions were held to give attendees an opportunity to learn about alternative fuel projects in Canada, how to green their fleet, Manitoba-based alternative fuel and economy initiatives, and upcoming green vehicle technologies. Outdoor and indoor vehicle displays were also provided and representatives from the dealerships and the participating organizations were on hand to answer any questions, distribute materials, and highlight vehicle capabilities. A ride-and-drive took place during the lunch hour giving participants the opportunity to drive different gas electric hybrids. The tradeshow was extremely popular with 15 exhibitors, including a biodiesel producer, companies specializing in the development of cutting-edge green vehicle technology, government departments, and environmental and health organizations.



Site: Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Fair/Conference/Exhibits

Audience: General Public, Government Officials, and Fleet Operators/Owners

Attendees: 70

Highlights: Alternative fuel applications and AFV technology presentations.