Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition, Winnipeg Chapter Inc.

Host Site Coordinator: Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition, Winnipeg Chapter Inc.

Event Type: Conference, Presentations, Vehicle Displays, Luncheon, Tradeshow

Attendees: 95 Fleet Managers, Government Officials, Students, Researchers, OEM’s, General Public

Participating Sponsors/Partners: City of Winnipeg, Innovative Hydrogen Solutions, Manitoba Hydro, the Centre for Sustainable Transportation, Kraus Global, University of Manitoba, and the Transport Institute

Event Highlights: The event celebrated Manitoba-based alternative fuel and vehicle technology initiatives. Expert speakers shared impressive knowledge through presentations and panel discussions. During the “Local Green Fleet Initiatives” panel, speakers from Manitoba hydro, Bison Transport, and the City of Winnipeg’s Fleet Management Agency discussed their anti-idling trials. Speakers on “The Pathway to Electric” session discussed challenges related to technology including, improvements to battery capacity and charge rates for PHEVs. The highly anticipated “Food and Fuel” panel discussed issues and concepts such as distributing agricultural technologies to developing nations. This would improve crop yields and allow them to compete fairly on the global food and fuel market. It would also improve the cost effectiveness of new technologies, and new ways to promote and use renewable energy sources. Vehicles and exhibits on display included a City of Winnipeg biodiesel sander spreader, a natural gas fuel dispenser made by Kraus Global, Manitoba Hydro’s plug-in hybrid vehicle, a semi-tractor installed with a hydrogen fuel injection unit that is made by Innovative Hydrogen Solutions, a solar car, an all electric ATV, and many more!