Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition, Fargo







Sponsors/Partners: Petro Serve USA, North Dakota Renewable Energy Council, North Dakota Corn Growers Association, North Dakota Department of Commerce, North Dakota Ethanol Council, North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association, U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program, American Lung Association in North Dakota

Attendance: 130 consumers

Event Highlights: Flexible fuel vehicle owners were treated to discounts on cleaner burning, high blend ethanol fuels at the new blender pumps at Petro Serve USA in Fargo, North Dakota. The event provided E85 at an 85-cent discount, while E30 was available at a 60-cent discount.

More than 100 motorists attended the two-hour event. Some were first time E85 or E30 users, and others fill with ethanol blends whenever possible. Some cited environmental reasons for fueling with the blends; others choose them for the home-grown, local economy, and energy security benefits they provide. Those who did not yet own an alternative fuel vehicle received information about flexible fuel vehicles and the growing number of E85 and blender pump retailers in North Dakota.

Each attendee received an Odyssey reusable tote with information on biofuels, the NAFTC, and National AFV Day Odyssey.

Contact: Kelly Marczak, Director, Clean Fuel & Vehicle Technologies


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Host Site Co-Coordinators: Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition and American Lung Association of North Dakota

Event Type: Biofuels Education, Biofuel Discount, Vehicle Display, Informational Displays

Sponsors/Partners: Cenex, Blue Flint Ethanol, North Dakota Corn Growers Association, North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association, North Dakota Department of Commerce, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, General Motors Corporation, and North Dakota Clean Air Choice Team

Attendees: 75 General Public

Event Highlights: In order to excite consumers about alternative fuels, on October 2nd, the E85 price at Cenex was lowered by $0.85 per gallon, costing $1.94 per gallon. Approximately 1,180 gallons of E85 were sold, saving more than 4.5 tons of fuel life-cycle carbon dioxide emissions. More than 50 FFVs filled up during the three hour National AFV Day Odyssey event!



Site: Red River Valley Clean Cities Coalition, Grand Forks

Format: Fair/Conference

Audience: Fleet Managers, Stakeholders

Attendees: 24

Highlights: Excellent turnout by the press.