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National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey Event on April 20, 2017

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No Fee

The NAFTC does not charge participating organizations to host Odyssey events.

The only requirements to host Odyssey are to include information about one or more types of AFVs in your event, notify the Odyssey Team of your plans, and complete a post-event survey. However any costs associated with the conduct of Odyssey are the responsibility of the host organization.




Event Flexibility

Customize your Odyssey event to suit your resources and audience.

What alternative fuels are available in your area? Structure your  Odyssey event to show attendees where to find them.  What alternative fuels does your organization use? Create an Odyssey event to promote your AFV




Planning Notebook

You will have access to the comprehensive Site Coordinator Notebook to help plan your Odyssey event.

The Site Coordinator Notebook contains everything you will need to host an Odyssey event, including planning materials, templates, and sample Odyssey agendas. [Table of Contents]




Marketing Materials

You will have access to customizable marketing templates and designs to help publicize your Odyssey event.

The Odyssey Team will create a series of advertisements, press releases, signs, radio scripts, and more to support your marketing efforts. [Example]




Public Relations Campaign

Your organization will be featured in a targeted public relations campaign to draw attendees to your event.

The Odyssey Team will create a press release, customized with information specific to your event and distribute it to trusted news sources in your city and surrounding area. [Example]




National Recognition

Your Odyssey event will be featured on the Odyssey website, social media channels, and in the Odyssey Executive Summary.

The Odyssey Team will create a webpage for your Odyssey event. This page will be customized with the specific details of your event, including participating organizations, sponsors, location, and time. [Example] [Executive Summary]




Event Support

The Odyssey Team will be available to provide assistance and help with any questions you have while planning your event.

Do you have questions about hosting Odyssey? With more than a decade of experience planning Odyssey events, the Odyssey Team will assist with any bumps or snags that you encounter while planning your event.




Informational Resources

This year, the Odyssey Team will expand the informational resources available to Site Coordinators.

Alternative fuel vehicle fact sheets, lesson plans, videos, and links to trusted industry organizations will be available to help in conducting your Odyssey event.




Cleaner Environment

Odyssey highlights transportation technologies that help reduce harmful emissions.

Your organization will contribute to a more healthy local environment by showcasing AFV options in your area.



Energy Security

Odyssey promotes domestic energy sources which lessen U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

With much of the world’s petroleum reserves located in politically volatile countries, the U.S. is vulnerable to price spikes and supply disruptions. Your organization will contribute to the nationwide
impact of Odyssey, leading to a more secure energy future.



now to host an Odyssey 2017 event.

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