Propel Fuels – Oakland, Berkeley, North San Jose, South San Jose, and Fremont


Attendance: 1,050 consumers

Event Highlights: As part of National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey, Propel Fuels, a leading retailer of renewable fuel, offered a special price of $1 off per gallon, as low as $1.49 per gallon, at five Bay Area fueling stations. In doing so, Propel raised consumer awareness of the benefits of using renewable fuels by providing drivers a convenient and cost-effective opportunity to try E85 Flex Fuel or biodiesel for the first time. All Propel fueling stations offer E85, which can be used in flexible fuel vehicles, and biodiesel blend of B5.

Fuel station traffic more than doubled during the one-day event, which attracted a wide variety of consumers – from those operating large diesel trucks to drivers of retrofitted racing vehicles. New alternative fuel drivers were enticed to try biodiesel and E85 for the first time thanks to the Odyssey Day efforts. “The quickest and most efficient way to decrease our dependence on petroleum is to get consumers and businesses who already own flex fuel and diesel cars to fuel up with domestically-produced renewable fuels,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Propel. “This event gives Bay Area drivers a chance to try renewable fuels at prices we haven’t seen in a decade.”

Propel’s current Bay Area stations are located in Berkeley, Fremont, Oakland, Downtown San Jose, and South San Jose and offer E85 Flex Fuel and biodiesel.

Contact: Chris LaPlante, Marketing Director

Emily Shellabarger, Marketing Specialist


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