Pascack Sustainability Group – River Vale


Sponsors/Partners: PV Environmental Club

Thursday, October 18, 2012
7:00 am – 8:00 am

Event Location:
Pascack Valley High School
200 Piermont Ave
Hillsdale, NJ

Event Highlights: The Pascack Sustainability Group, a non-profit group dedicated to raising environmental awareness and sustainable practices in Northern New Jersey, held their National Alternative Fuels Odyssey Day at the field behind Pascack Valley High School in Hillsdale, NJ. Some of the main highlights of the event were presentations by prominent New Jersey residents about the impact of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles on their lives. New Jersey Assemblyman Timothy Eustace (NJ Dist. 38) demonstrated his Ford Focus Electric vehicle, and spoke about government legislation and policies to facilitate the adoption of EVs in New Jersey. He also described how he uses electricity from solar panels on his home to charge his vehicle. Chris Neff, of the New Jersey Electric Vehicles Association, spoke about the features and benefits of his BMW Active E. Steve Mosca, a bicycle advocate, spoke of the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and demonstrated his Velomobile, which he uses for his daily 15-mile commute.

Rosemary Carey, Site Coordinator
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35 consumers, students, environmentalists

Event Highlights: The Pascack Sustainability Group, a nonprofit group dedicated to raising environmental awareness and sustainable practices in Northern New Jersey, held its first National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey event at the River Vale Community/Senior Center. The Odyssey event was in conjunction with the “10:10 Work Party” sponsored by, the global climate change action initiative founded by Bill McKibben.

The ninety-minute program included viewing of the Odyssey video and literature provided by the NAFTC; speeches about compressed natural gas (CNG) facilities in New Jersey and the future of electric cars in the state; a demonstration of an electric car (a gasoline-powered Hyundai that had been converted); a presentation of a covered bicycle called a “Velomobile” with an electric motor, an ideal, carbon-free solution for commuting in the suburbs; and a talk by the manager of a local bike shop on safe bicycling in the Pascack Valley. Three students from Pascack Valley High School also were on hand with their laptops to determine carbon footprints for attendees. Complimentary refreshments of apples, cider, corn chips, and water were available for all.