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Event Highlights: Ohio Technical College celebrated Odyssey 2014 by hosting an event in conjunction with the college’s student career fair. Students enjoyed visiting with more than 70 companies on hand for the career fair and learning about the vehicles on display for Odyssey. Several local dealerships supplied their latest in alternative fuel consumer vehicles. Local mass transit authorities provided a natural gas powered bus and many private industry companies showcased fuel conversion alternatives.  Chevy was prominent with an all electric Volt, Toyota with their well-known Prius, and Ford supplied their EcoBost engine.


Mary Kazmir, Site Coordinator
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Sponsors/Partners: Ace Taxi, Baker Electrics, Charge Across America, CNG One, Efficiency Smart, Fisker, NatGasCar, Nissan Leaf, SMART, Tesla Motors, The Western Reserve Historical Society

Friday, October 19, 2012

Event Location:
Cleveland, OH

Event Highlights: Ohio Technical College welcomed over 1,000 guests to their 2012 National AFV Day Odyssey Open House. The event featured alternative fuel vehicles from the past and present, along with vehicles showcasing the potential of future alternative fuel vehicles. Cleveland’s Crawford Auto Museum donated an 1896 Stanley Steamer steam car and a 1997 GM EV1 to represent past versions of alternative fuel vehicles. There were several modern day vehicles also on display, such as the Chevy Malibu Eco, a Nissan Leaf, and a Toyota Prius. In addition, the event featured vehicle displays that showcased the future potential for alternative fuel vehicles, including a privately-owned Tesla Roadster and a Fisker Karma borrowed from a local dealer.

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708 environmental friendly companies, students, staff, faculty, consumers, industry leaders

Event Highlights: With twenty-seven exhibits at its Odyssey event, Ohio Technical College invited attendees to learn about the beneficial use of alternative fuels from industry experts’ presentations, energy related demonstrations, and a Go Green Car Show. The fifteen vehicles showcased ranged from classics and exotics to race cars and custom cars. Also on display were an all-electric, 75-mph personal vehicle; a new fuel-efficient Smart Car; and Ohio Technical College’s Electro-Van, biodiesel Benz, and E85 Pulse.

One of the many highlights included information shared about NASA’s Plumbrook Station advancing exploration in alternative fuels and more efficient rocket engine designs.

Lunch was available in the Automotive Training Center Cafeteria.

Event Location: 1374 East 51st Street Cleveland, OH 44103

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Host Site Coordinator: Ohio Technical College

Event Type: Educational Fair

Sponsors/Partners: Great Lakes Science Center, American Lung Association, EarthWatch, Liberty Ford, Motorcars of Honda, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cuyahoga County Department of Energy, Stainless Works, Mustang Dyno, Sherwin Williams, Tim Lally Chevrolet, Lincoln Electric, NEORSD, RTA, Dominion East Ohio, and Toyota of Bedford

Attendees: 1,300 Educators, Students, General Public

Event Highlights: Ohio Technical College had several National AFV Day Odyssey activities take place across campus including activities at the OTC Automotive Training Facility, High Performance Racing and Training Facility, Collision Repair and Refinishing Training Facility, and the Diesel Training Facility. Highlights of the event included several presentations, numerous activities and vehicle displays. Presenters spoke on different environmental issues, and crowd participation was excellent. Presenters included Mayor David Smith, James Lewis (RTA), Andrew Chiarelli (Motorcars of Honda), and Mike Giaco (Dominion East Ohio). Activities throughout the event included a live water-based painting seminar, live welding demonstrations, and CNG, flex-fuel, and hybrid vehicle presentations. Students of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program also unveiled an all-electricpowered vehicle, called the “Electro-Van,” which runs off the power of 21 batteries. Vehicles on display included Top Sportsman race car, Dodge Viper, Ferrari Testarossa, CNG trucking equipment, CNG Honda Civic, hybrid diesel bus and drive train, Toyota Prius and many more!



Host Site Coordinator: Ohio Technical College, Cleveland, OH

Event Type: Exhibits, Displays, Seminars

Attendees: 2,000 Students, Instructors, Educators

Event Highlights: Whether it was custom paint demonstrations, stock car racing, or live dynamometer testing and information to more traditional Odyssey activities such as emission testing or displays of hybrid buses or electric cars, if it dealt with energy sustainability, it could be found at the OTC Odyssey event! Vendors and prominent speakers alike stressed the need for energy sustainability. Attendees were also able to take part in lectures and seminars, and afterwards they were able to test their knowledge in order to earn one of the 300 available NAFTC/OTC scholarships. One lucky attendee was even awarded a $5,000 scholarship to Ohio Technical College.



Site: Ohio Technical College/North East Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition

Format: Fair/Conference/Exhibit

Audience: Elected Officials, Educators, Auto Technicians, Students, and General Public

Attendees: 350

Highlights: Ceremony presenting a Memorandum of Understanding for Ohio Technical College, Cleveland State University, and Fenn Colleges of Engineering, documenting the official collaboration of these institutions that allows sharing of technology among the three schools. Several presentations on hydrogen fuel cell technology, hybrids, and other AFVs. Presentation of the NAFTC plaque denoting Ohio Technical College as a National Training Center. E- 85 and hydrogen fuel cell displays drew significant attention.