Odyssey Idaho


Host Site Coordinator: Odyssey Idaho

Event Type: Educational Seminars, Vehicle Displays

Sponsors/Partners: Treasure Valley Clean Cities and U.S. GSA

Attendees: 350 General Public, Students, OEMs

Event Highlights: This year, National AFV Day Odyssey Idaho was held at Capital City Public Market in downtown Boise and we chose to focus its efforts on plug-in vehicles and biofuels, specifically ethanol. Attendees were able to view many reengineered vehicles on display such as a 1973 Volkswagen Bug, 1990 Geo Metro, and 1996 Toyota Tercel. Also on display was a 2007 Zap truck, as well as several other alternative fuel vehicles. The engineers, owners, and builders of each of the vehicles were on hand to talk with individuals about how they began their adventure in developing plug-ins, as well as the challenges they encountered. Coalition representatives were on hand to discuss their mission and goals while distributing educational brochures.



Host Site Coordinator: Odyssey Idaho, Boise, ID

Event Type: Displays, Exhibits, Brown-Bag Lunch

Attendees: 300 General Public, Government Officials, Stakeholders

Participating Sponsors / Partners: Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Green Power Program, IDWR Energy Division, City of Boise, Idaho Power, Compass Community Planning Association, the River 94.9, Treasure Valley Clean Cities Coalition, Renewable Energy Resources, Stinker, Idaho National Laboratory, Northwest Energy Coalition, Snake River Alliance, Valley Regional Transit, and Gary Carlson

Event Highlights: A two-day event, Boise Odyssey Days showcased alternative energy and alternative fuel options in Idaho. Displays, exhibits, and experts on electricity, transportation, renewable and sustainable forms of energy, and community planning, all with an alternative energy focus, were available to give attendees a better grasp of the advancements in alternative fuel choices. Clean air groups set up booths to hand out information and answer questions. The main theme of the event was to teach Idahoans how to do more to use less and to use energy that is more sustainable and easier on our health and the environment.