Northark Technical Center


Host: Northark Technical Center, Arkansas

Schools: Berryville Middle School, Berryville High School, Green Forest Middle School, Green Forest High School, Alpena Middle School, Alpena High School, Omaha Middle School, Omaha High School, Bergman Middle School, Bergman High School
Lead Hill Middle School, Lead Hill High School, Yellville-Summit Middle School, Yellville-Summit High School, Bruno – Pyatt Middle School, Bruno – Pyatt High School,
St. Joe High School, Western Grove Middle School, Western Grove High School, Valley Springs Middle School, Valley Springs High School, Mount Judea Middle School, Mount Judea High School, Jasper Middle School,  Jasper High School,  Harrison Middle School, Harrison High School

Attendance: 400

Event Highlights: Students from twenty-seven local middle and high schools visited the Northark Technical Center to see the Odyssey Open House and Exhibit. Exhibits showcased alternative fuel vehicles, such as those that operate on flexible fuel, biodiesel, and recycled vegetable oil as well as hybrids, electric vehicles, and high efficiency, low-output diesel technologies.