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Nashville Auto-Diesel College / Clean Cities of Middle Tennessee, Nashville





Thursday, October 18, 2012
10:00 am – 2:30 pm

Event Location:
1524 Gallatin Ave
Nashville, TN

Event Highlights:

The Nashville Odyssey event will include industry speakers and many different AVT vehicles.

Atha Comiskey, Site Coordinator
email • (615) 884-4908 • Host Page



Sponsors/Partners: Town & Country Ford, Tom Bannen Chevrolet, VerdeGoh!, Trickett Honda, Terex Utilities, Rivergate Toyota, C & E Biodiesel, Metro Nashville Transit Authority, Nissan North America, Ecotality, Ferrellgas, Hermitage Propane

Attendance: 2,000 students, faculty, staff, consumers

Event Highlights: The 2010 Odyssey was hosted by Nashville Auto-Diesel College (NADC) and Clean Cities of Middle Tennessee on the NADC campus. Attendees heard from speakers such as U.S. Representative Jim Cooper, state Senator Jim Tracy, syndicated radio personality Phil Valentine, Nissan North America Vice President Mark Swenson, and Josh Womack, owner of VerdeGoh! electric vehicles. A wide range of vehicles were on display, from a Smart ForTwo car to a 40-foot hybrid bus, with many more in between. The Terex HyPower hybrid utility vehicle was the “ride” of the day, safely taking the most strong-hearted attendees 65 feet into the air in an aerial device that runs on battery power, enabling the truck to be turned off while working the device. Middle Tennessee State University displayed a custom-built hydrogen/solar SUV, giving the public the opportunity to view the future in alternative fuel vehicles. The speakers, vehicles on display, and exhibitors made the event a success for all who attended.

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Host Site Coordinators: Nashville Auto-Diesel College and Clean Cities of Middle Tennessee

Event Type: Vehicle Display, Job Fair, Open-House, Educational Seminars

Attendees: 2,000 Students, City Officials, General Public

Event Highlights: The National Media Kickoff Event for Odyssey 2008 was hosted by Nashville Auto-Diesel College (NADC) and Clean Cities of Middle Tennessee on the campus of NADC in Nashville. During the three-day event, participants were welcome to enjoy a wide variety of activities including vehicle displays, a job fair, an impressive lineup of speakers with expertise in alternative fuels and vehicles, as well an abundance of exhibits and displays. Odyssey 2008 spokesperson and country music superstar, Michael Peterson, took the stage to kick off the nationwide event along with industry experts, government officials and individuals with real-world alternative fuel experience. In addition, representatives from the City of Nashville presented a proclamation from the city proclaiming October 3, 2008 as National AFV Day Odyssey.



Host Site Coordinator: Nashville Auto Diesel College, Nashville, TN

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Presentations, Seminars

Attendees: 1,500 Students, Instructors, Government Officials, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: Clean Cities of Middle Tennessee

Event Highlights: The event started with an introduction to alternative fuels presented to the NADC student body via seven 45-minute technical presentations. An equipment display of alternative fuel technology was provided to further help students understand all the options currently available. Hybrid cars were on display, as well as a hybrid “Breathe Easy” bus. Also on display were a biodiesel processing system and a propanepowered lawn mower that has been developed and marketed to government entities and golf courses that are forbidden to cut grass with gas-powered vehicles on high ozone days. A public media awareness event capped off the event, with a presentation by Keynote Speaker Paul Sloan, the Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment.