Morton College


Host Site Coordinator: Morton College

Event Type: Seminar

Attendees: 20 Students, Technicians, Educational Professionals, Environmental Organizations, Auto Manufacturers, Fleet Owners, Consumers

Event Highlights: The focus of this year’s event was to raise public awareness about as many of the alternative fuels as possible, emphasizing the availability of the fuels and the vehicles currently available. A handout was created to list available E85 vehicles and the many fueling site locations in the Chicago area. School staff, students and faculty were provided with alternative fuels information, prior to the event date, in order to raise awareness of the event. The day of the event, National AFV Day Odyssey information was running on the school’s flat panels throughout the campus. The seminar was attended by a variety of people possessing different levels of knowledge about alternative fuels and advanced technologies. Therefore, an overview of all of the alternative fuels, with as much detail as possible, was presented over a three hour period. Interest was very high, and many participated in discussions as the evening progressed. A local college radio station also aired a recorded part of the seminar and an interview with the presenter.



Host Site Coordinator: Morton College, Cicero, IL

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Information Sessions

Attendees: 200 Students, Educators, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners:, Eco-Fueler Corporation – American Roadster, Continental Honda, and Toyota

Event Highlights: A display of AFVs including hybrids, CNG vehicles, a biodiesel vehicle, a veggie car (SVO), and an LP riding lawnmower were available to give attendees a taste of alternative fuels. Vendors provided information on the vehicles, fueling options, diagnostic equipment, and other related topics. The most popular displays were the Volkswagen converted to run on recycled vegetable oil and the LP riding mower. Additionally, two information sessions took place, with Toyota discussing its available hybrid vehicles and Dave Hostert presenting an Introduction to Alternative Fuels.



Site: Morton College/Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Fair/Exhibit

Audience: Government Officials, Students, Educators, Environmental Organization Representatives, Fleet Operators/Owners, and Automotive Technicians

Attendees: 175

Highlights: Fox News coverage, vehicles display, and fuel cell video.