Morgantown High School


Date/Time: coming soon

Event Location:
109 Wilson Ave.
Morgantown, WV

Event Highlights:
Select English and Science classrooms will be chosen to air the video. Classes will have a discussion afterwards. English classes will respond in writing. The video will also be shown to the student population during the three lunch periods. Students may pick up more information in the Library Media Center.

Robin Johnson-Belmear, Site Coordinator • (304) 291-9221 • Host Page



Host/School: Morgantown High School, West Virginia

Attendance: 200

Event Highlights: The Odyssey video was presented to Morgantown High School students via the school’s lobby television outside the cafeteria, where students completed the Odyssey survey and received Odyssey water bottles. The video was also shown in a tenth-grade English class. The English class students asked questions about electric vehicles and compared thoughts on vehicle design.