Long Beach, San Joaquin Valley and SCAG Clean Cities

Host Site Coordinators: Long Beach, San Joaquin Valley and SCAG Clean Cities

Event Type: Exhibits, Port Tours, Alternative Vehicle Displays

Sponsor: Port of Long Beach

Attendees: 10,000 General Public, Students

Event Highlights: The “Green Port Fest” event was the catalyst for a community event to show the Port’s efforts and commitment to protect the community and the environment that was attended by nearly 10,000 people. It was a block party for residents, friends and families complete with train and boat tours, entertainment, food, exhibit booths, and excitement throughout the day. More than 70 exhibitors displayed green programs and projects. Visitors to the Clean Cities National AFV Day Odyssey booth ranged from high school and college students, who wanted to learn about alternative fuels, to politicians who learned how alternative fueled vehicles could better their communities. The general public was interested in understanding the goals of the Clean Cities program to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and how to buy the Honda GX at their local dealers. The displayed CNG Honda GX was a big hit and was interesting to many as they shared the dramatic fuel cost difference between CNG versus unleaded. Most were amazed to hear that a PHILL station could be installed in a residential garage. Many students at the college level came by the booth to learn more about alternative fuels as part of a class project.