Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition, Albuquerque


Friday, September 14, 2012

Event Location:
Albuquerque, NM

Event Highlights: coming soon

Frank Burcham, Site Coordinator
email • (505) 856-8585 • Host Page



Sponsors/Partners: United States General Services Administration Fleet Management Southwest Region; State of New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department; City of Albuquerque Aviation Department, Environmental Health Department and Finance and Administration Services Fleet Management; City of Santa Fe Transit Department; Rich Ford Motor Company; Perfection Honda Dealership; Tillery School Bus Sales; Ferrellgas; New Mexico Electric Vehicle Association; Albuquerque Public Schools; Friktion Tek

Attendance: 25,000 consumers

Event Highlights: The Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition held its Odyssey in conjunction with the Annual New Mexico State Fair/Expo 2010’s Environment Appreciation Day at the State Fairgrounds in Albuquerque. The day included an alternative fuel vehicle display along the Avenue of the Governors, the main street of the fair. There were a dozen alternative fuel vehicles on display during the daylong event representing compressed natural gas, propane, ethanol, hybrid, and electric vehicles. A battery-powered Porsche 914 sports coupe was one of the crowd’s favorites along with a propane-powered school bus. Attendees received information about National AFV Day Odyssey and on vehicles and their specifications.

Contact: Frank Burcham, Executive Director/ State Coordinator


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Host Site Coordinator: Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Information Handouts

Sponsors/Partners: New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, Rich Ford Automobile Dealership, Miles Automotive, Ever Ready Oil, City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department, and City of Rio Rancho

Attendees: 30,000 General Public

Event Highlights: The day-long event took place along the main street of the NM State Fairgrounds on their “Environmental Appreciation Day.” Ten alternative fueled vehicles were on display along the fair’s primary street representing compressed natural gas, electric, hybrid, biodiesel, yellow grease and ethanol. As it was the last Friday of the New Mexico 2008 State Fair, many schools were out, allowing students to attend the event. The Mayor of Albuquerque’s E85 Avalanche was on display and at the head of the vehicles. With its special E85 design covering, it stood out among all of the vehicles that day. Several alternative fuel providers (CNG, biodiesel and ethanol) were also present and available to answer questions regarding the availability of the fuels.



Site: Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Open House/Media Event

Audience: Students and Fleet Operators/Owners

Attendees: 100

Highlights: Not specified.



Site: Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition, Albuquerque

Format: Fair and Display of AFVs

Audience: General Public

Attendees: 150

Highlights: The enthusiasm of the participants.