Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition, U.S. Department of Energy, General Motors and EPIC

Host Site Coordinator and Co-Coordinators: U.S. Department of Energy, Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition, General Motors and EPIC

Event Type: I-65 BioFuels Corridor Project

Attendees: Approximately 15,000 Individuals Attended and/or Were Reached Through Media Coverage

Event Highlights: The I-65 America’s First BioFuels Corridor project allows owners of both flex fuel and diesel vehicles to travel from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico, the entire length of I-65, on either E85 ethanol or B20 biodiesel. The 886 miles of the Clean Biofuels Corridor allows drivers to be no more than a quarter of a tank from the nearest BioFuels station. In Kentucky, a rainy morning didn’t stop DJ Mike Shannon from bringing in E85 customers at the Thornton’s station on Fern Valley Road in Louisville. Store #21 sold E85 for 65 cents less than standard gasoline and gave away $500 worth of free fuel cards. The live radio remote on WDJX also rewarded folks with free plastic E85 portable fuel cans, E85 information and free CDs. U.S. Department of Energy official, Mike Scarpino, was also on-hand to provide support.