James B. Dudley High School



Dudley High School’s Advanced Vehicle Technology team joined with the Triad Electric Vehicle Association to host their Odyssey event at TSDesign’s 4th annual Green Gala. The Green Gala is a gathering of friends and business celebrating a green future. Tours of TSDesigns included wind, biogas, biogassification, biomass, ethanol, and biodiesel production and distribution facilities. The Odyssey paddock was at the end of the tour with inside and outdoor displays, numerous alternative fuel vehicles and ride and drives.  An ELF, a solar panel electric, of Organic Transit and Chris Carter of the Home Power Hour radio productions with his Outrider 422 alpha were standouts.  The EVChallenge demonstrated their newest vehicles from the new STEM Cycle Challenges. Dudley High School students showed off their Shell EcoMarathon vehicles and the letter from the International Cannes Film Festival showing that a web documentary of their efforts called the “Road to Houston” won first place out of over 150 entries.

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Jack Martin, Site Coordinator

email • 336.213.5225 • host page


Sponsors: Acropolis Restaurant, Adams Electric, AutoTrends, Bill Black Chevrolet Cadillac, City of Greensboro, Crown Honda, Crown Nissan, Downtown Greensboro Inc., Duke Energy, Ford Motor Company, Guilford County Schools Advance Alternative Vehicle Technology Program, HomePowerHour, Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina, Kymco Scooters, LiFeBatt, Men-Tors Association, North Carolina Solar Center, Pedego Electric Bikes, ScooterNerds, Shane’s Rib Shack, Shell Eco-Marathon, Smith Street Diner, SunTrust Bank, TEVA, Triad Electric Vehicle Association, T.S. Designs, Village Café Express, Volvo Trucks, WCOM 103.5 FM Chapel Hill

Attendees: 60/65

Event Highlights: The James B. Dudley High School’s advanced technology team held two events, one in Burlington, NC and the other in Greensboro, NC. Both events featured extensive vehicle displays, including Dudley High School’s entry in the Shell Eco-Marathon. The display vehicles included commercial models and conversions.

Attendees were invited to attend a workshop on light electric vehicle maintenance and to participate in test drives. There were also displays by related organizations engaged in recycling, solar power, and other environmentally-progressive ventures.

Display vehicles: Prototype Trike PEV (Eco Maraton Competition); Urban Concept PEV (Eco Maraton Competition); Electricton silver streak Trike (Eco Maraton Competion); 1991 Mazda PEV Truck (96v EV challenge 2012 winner); 2012 Honda CRZ Hybrid Electric; 2011 Think City EV (red); 2011 Think City EV (blue); 2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid; 2009 Toyota Prius Hybrid Solar (PEV); ZERO Motorcycle; 2010 Wildman Bill’s Tesla; Encumbent peddle Electric bike; 2004 Honda Insite (2010 hyper-mile winner); 1934 Ford Roadster  (Green Cycle Design); hydrogen model car  1 and 2; electric model car; Electric Wind Powered model car; 3 Solar go-karts; and 5 Electric go-karts