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INCOG / Tulsa Area Clean Cities, Tulsa, OK


Host Site Co-Coordinators: INCOG / Tulsa Area Clean Cities, Tulsa, OK

Event Type: Expo, Speakers, Panel Discussion Session

Attendees: 175 General Public, Government Officials, Fleet Operators

Participating Sponsors / Partners: Syntroleum, Sustainable Tulsa, Alternative Fuel Solutions, ODEQ, AEP/PSO, Autoflex, Metropolitan Environmental Trust, Tulsa Gas Technologies, Tulsa Parks, Tulsa Transit, Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum, Cox Media, and the University of Tulsa.

Event Highlights: The “Emerging Energy Technology Expo” showcased cleaner and more energy-efficient choices in transportation. Motorists had the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles by taking part in a panel session that allowed experts in the field of biofuels to share their knowledge and reinforce the importance of sustainable energy. Numerous booth exhibitors provided attendees with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and look at vehicles that rely on domestic fuels such as propane and natural gas, as well as new hybrid technologies that dramatically increase gasoline miles-per-gallon ratings.



Site: Tulsa Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Banquet/Panel Discussion

Audience: General Public and Business Representatives

Attendees: 140

Highlights: Host and guest speaker presentations.



Site: Tulsa Area Clean Cities, Tulsa

Format: Breakfast/Seminar

Audience: Fleet Managers, Decision-Makers, Elected Officials

Attendees: 63

Summary: Dan Deaton of DOE spoke.