Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program, Philadelphia


Sponsors/Partners: coming soon

Date/Time: TBA

Event Location:
Philadelphia, PA

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Tony Bandiero, Director
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Sponsors/Partners: Temple University, Sustainability Department

210 students, local businesses, fleet managers, consumers


Event Highlights: Odyssey day in Philadelphia was hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program in conjunction with Temple University’s Sustainability Department. Most of the U.S. Department of Energy-recognized alternative fuels were represented, along with recycled cooking oil, which was used to power a converted Mercedes. Fleet managers as well as colleges and university representatives spoke directly to both end-users and manufacturers about AFVs. Companies such as Roush Propane, Estar and its electric fleet vehicles; Autoport (a converter of V2G electric vehicles); Pepsi, with its new hydrogen additive fueled tractor-trailer; and PECO, which presented its CNG utility truck, were all represented at the event. Bayshore Ford’s CNG Transit Connect, along with Dejana, which sported the country’s first propane-powered Transit Connect, and AMERIgreen, which showed off its 100 percent biodiesel Jeep Liberty, were all on hand to exhibit and endorse alternative fuels.

Contact: Tony Bandiero, Director


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Host Site Coordinator: Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program

Event Type: Electric Vehicle Seminar, Mini Expo

Sponsors/Partners: PECO Energy, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, and Tyree Corporation

Attendees: 75 General Public, Industry Representatives

Event Highlights: The event was co-hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program, PECO Energy, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, and the Tyree Corporation. The event was a “Mini-Electric Vehicle Expo” following a morning of EV presentations and a luncheon at the regional planning agency. The actual expo took place on a PECO parking lot in center city Philadelphia. Vehicles featured included a General Motors fuel cell SUV, a PECO plug-in hybrid bucket utility truck, and several Equipco Trackmobile light utility vehicles. Along with representatives of vehicle manufacturers and local electric owners, members of the public attended the event. Several members of the Philadelphia Solar Energy Association were also in attendance.



Site: Clean Energy Expo/Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Fair/Exposition

Audience: General Public

Attendees: 11,000

Highlights: Fuel cell technology was popular with attendees. Presenters and corporate representatives were pleased with public interest and attendance. Crowds drawn by extensive AFV display.



Site: Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities Program, Philadelphia

Format: AFV Race/Exhibits

Audience: students, Consumers

Attendees: 45

Highlights: Watching the student’s eyes light up as they explored the various EV and AFV cars and trucks that were at the event. Got coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer.