Gateway Community College / Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition Inc., New Haven


Sponsors/Partners: New Haven Clean Cities

Friday, October 19, 2012

Event Location:
New Haven, CT

Event Highlights: Gateway Community College hosted its biannual National Alternative Fuels Vehicle Odyssey Day event on Friday, October 19, 2012 in the campus’ Gold LEED building and an attached parking garage. In the garage, participants were able to view alternative fuel production cars on display from four local car dealerships. Participants were also able to attend six 35-minute presentations on alternative energy and alternative fuel. Presentations were conducted in the building’s state-of the art classrooms. The participants’ responses to the presentations were positive. During the presentations, audience members engaged the presenters with relevant and thought-provoking questions on the material.

Paul Silberquit, Site Coordinator
email • (203) 285-2368 • Host Page



Sponsors/Partners: CT Natural Gas, New Haven Job Corps Center, Harvest Homes and Development, Digital Quest Inc., Elite HVAC

Attendance: 250 students, consumers

Event Highlights: Gateway Community College and Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition held an Odyssey event on the college campus. The event featured speakers from Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition, Toyota, United Illuminating, Poulsen Hybrid, and Sunlight Solar. Additionally, there were exhibits and demonstrations hosted by the Connecticut DMV, the Hydrogen Hybrid Bus, and several alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles from Ford, Toyota, Subaru, and GMC. The automotive labs at the college were also open for tours.

Contact: Lee Grannis, Coordinator


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Co-Host Contact: Tony Rish

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Host Site Coordinator: Gateway Community College, North Haven, CT

Event Type: Presentations, Demonstrations, Vehicle Displays

Attendees: 240 High School Students, Educators, Government Officials

Participating Sponsors / Partners: Connecticut Clean Cities, General Motors, Sunlight Solar, and Toyota

Event Highlights: A 45-minute presentation on alternative fuels kicked off the event. Attendees were then directed to the automotive area where they were able to inspect and explore various hybrids and compressed natural gas, electric, and biodiesel vehicles. Also on display were a Fuel Maker (CNG Filling Station) and Fuel Meister (Biodiesel Mixer) to give students first-hand knowledge of how alternative fuels are processed. Four biodiesel demonstrations were made by Gateway’s alternative fuel students to further reinforce the usage of alternative fuels.



Site: Gateway Community College/Capitol Clean Cities of Connecticut/Greater New Haven Clean Cities Coalition/Norwich Clean Cities Coalition/Southwest Connecticut Clean Cities Coalition

Format: Fair/Conference

Audience: Students, Educators, and Environmental Organization Representatives

Attendees: 690

Highlights: Vehicle display/tours/exhibits featuring Toyota and Honda hybrids. Numerous giveaways. Provided information on hydrogen fuel cell technology.



Site: Gateway Community College, North Haven

Format: Career Fair/Conference

Audience: Students, Fleet Managers, and Teachers

Attendees: 715

Highlights: Several guest speakers; vehicle demos from major OEMs; racing car and CNG bus.