Frederick County Parks and Recreation

Host Site Coordinator: Frederick County Parks and Recreation

Event Type: Outdoor Festival, Exhibitor Booths

Sponsors/Partners: TV Channel 3, Winchester, Model ‘E’ Conversions, Harvest Moon, Main Street Architecture, Noble House, Go Green, LLC., Burkholder, Stallard, Shea-Roop of Wachovia Securities, Dickerson’s Construction, One Block West, Mountain Media Systems, and Harvest Moon

Attendees: 450 General Public

Event Highlights: The one-day festival consisted of over 30 exhibitors covering a wide range of sustainable opportunities from local food, to biodiesel, to electric car conversions. Speakers covered topics such as sustainable development and rainwater collection systems. The vehicle exhibitor display included models from Toyota, Honda, alternative diesel, electric conversions, LP injection, and a local biodiesel co-op. Other areas of interest included local food, conservation groups, alternative energy, green products and services, and the always popular kids activity tent.