Florida Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition, Orlando


Sponsors/Partners: Lynx Transit, Orange County, Traviss Technical College, Florida Solar Energy Center

Attendance: 42 fleet managers, government officials, industry representatives, consumers


Event Highlights: Florida Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition held their Odyssey event at Lynx transit in Orlando, Florida. Seven speakers presented on biodiesel and ethanol, infrastructure, and vehicles, explaining in detail how the fuel traveled from the producer to the pump. Lynx provided a tour of its facility and its new one-of-a-kind automated biodiesel at-the-pump blender. Lynx also gave a demonstration of its blender that automatically mixes diesel and biodiesel to a specified percentage from storage tanks into their buses and work trucks. Samples of biodiesel and ethanol were presented as attendees were shown how the fuel was made. Attendees received information about Florida’s Workforce Career Development Program, and a survey was conducted to evaluate attendees’ future training needs. Participants celebrated the Florida Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition’s eleventh anniversary with a cake at the close of the event.

Contact: William Young, Coordinator


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Host Site Coordinator and Co-Coordinators: Traviss Career Center, Florida Solar Energy Center and Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Seminar, Information Sessions, Tour of Facility, Coalition Meeting, Anniversary Party

Sponsors/Partners: U.S. DOE, University of Central Florida, American Lung Association and Orange County Environmental Protection, American Solar Energy Society, Florida Renewable Energy Association, Gasoline Equipment Systems, Orange County Fleet Management and Amber Station, LCC

Attendees: 77 Students, Educators, Coalition Members, Government Officials, Fleet Managers, OEM’s, General Public

Event Highlights: Several hybrid electrics and a GM ethanol vehicle held the attention of the audience viewing the vehicles on display, as well as several diesel vehicles, which use the biodiesel they produced themselves. The American Lung Association displayed the health benefits of alternative fuels. The focus of the seminar was biodiesel, with a live biodiesel production demonstration conducted, which produced one gallon of ASTM biodiesel by Amber Station. Success stories by Universal Studios on using biodiesel in their fleet and St. John County Fleet’s new biodiesel product facility were well received. The icing on the cake was the anniversary party for 15 years of Clean Cities and nine years for Space Coast Coalition. Our event was followed by the Florida Renewable Energy Association annual meeting, where attendees participated in both events.



Host Site Co-Coordinators: Traviss Career Center, Lakeland FL, Orange County Public Schools Westside Tech, Wintergarden, FL, and Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition, Cocoa, FL

Event Type: Vehicle Displays, Emission Testing, Seminars, Information Sessions

Attendees: 300 Students, Educators, Government Officials, Fleet Managers, OEM’s, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: U.S. DOE, GM Fleet and Commercial, and Ford Motor Company

Event Highlights: Two Ford Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles captured the attention of the audience, while a display from Florida Power Company gave individuals an up-close look of how hydrogen works and demonstrated its use by powering a hydrogen fan. Vetronix, a complete automotive service solution for the Automotive Aftermarket, had experts available to perform emissions testing. Biodiesel displays were set up to show attendees how it is manufactured and highlight the energy saving ways it can be used. General Motors passed out t-shirts promoting ethanol to help reinforce the fact that Florida needs to get involved and become a leading ethanol producing state. Skills USA, a national nonprofit organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations, was in attendance to answer any questions from students, educators, or parents.



Site: Traviss Technical Center/Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition/Florida Solar Energy Center

Format: Conference/Exhibit/Workshop/Media Event

Audience: General Public, Fleet Operators and Owners, Automotive Technicians, and Students

Attendees: 250

Highlights: Overview of alternative fuel vehicles. Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Clean Air Team participation. Vehicle exhibit, ride and drive. Solar powered cars. County and city designated April 2 as AFV day. Solar weather station fleet manager seminar.



Site: Traviss Technical Center, Lakeland

Format: Conference/Exhibits and Ride and Drive

Audience: Fleets and Municipalities

Attendees: 330

Highlights: Outstanding attendance. Event had an educational AFV format. Emission computer, ride and drives, and food.