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Event Highlights: Earth Day Coalition hosted a series of breakfast discussions led by regional leaders and researchers in alternative fuel technologies as their Odyssey event. Presenters included a propane supplier and researchers in fuel cells. The series was intended to convene experts in alternative fuels as well those who have experience in alternative vehicle technology. Attendees had an opportunity to ask questions in an intimate setting about the benefits and challenges of each fuel type.

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Attendance: 230 students, faculty, staff, consumers, industry representatives, fleet members

Event Highlights: Earth Day Coalition’s Clean Transportation Program (US DOE Clean Cities Coalition) convened a partnership with Cuyahoga Community College’s (Tri-C) Automotive Technology Program to conduct the 2010 Greater Cleveland AFV Odyssey Day. The event took place at Cuyahoga Community College – Metro Campus at the Unified Technology Center.

Cleveland Plain Dealer Automotive writer Terry Troy conducted on-site interviews with many of the exhibitors, especially those showcasing compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric vehicles (EVs) and associated infrastructure in Northeast Ohio. Local environmental devotee and Tesla Roadster owner Teri Koslen was an enthusiastic supporter as she proudly displayed her vehicle and eagerly discussed the vehicle’s technology and the reasons why one should purchase an EV. Ed Kopp, director of Tri-C’s Automotive Technology Program, was the glue that tied the event together as he proudly showed off his students’ work to all attendees. He explained that his program offers a full alternative fuel vehicle curriculum at affordable prices. A television crew from Tri-C recorded much of the event for later internal broadcast.

Contact: John McGovern, Clean Cities Coordinator


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