Des Moines Area Community College


Host Site Coordinator: Des Moines Area Community College

Event Type: Trade Show, Exhibits, Vehicle Showcase, Educational Breakout Sessions

Sponsors/Partners: American Lung Association of Iowa, Iowa Clean Cities and Iowa Energy Center

Attendees: 900 Students, Faculty, Staff, General Public

Event Highlights: Iowa’s National AFV Day Odyssey was highlighted with the reading of Governor Culver’s signed proclamation, declaring October 3, 2008 as Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day in Iowa. The Trade show portion of the event provided education and awareness materials on AFVs, hybrids, alternative fuels, and refueling stations. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources provided an educational trailer, complete with interactive computer games. A local energy company also provided a trailer with interactive education on geothermal energy. Numerous exhibits were displayed including local dealerships, environmental groups, trade organizations, and community educators. Over 25 vehicles were showcased including a hybrid school bus, hybrid passenger vehicles, flex-fuel vehicles, biodiesel vehicles, electric vehicles, an electric race car, and a propane-powered lawn mower. Several educational breakout sessions were offered including “Biodiesel: Fuel Management,” and “Ammonia as a Transportation Fuel.” During the event free burgers, brats, chips, and drinks were served and the event was capped off with door prizes and t-shirts.



Host Site Coordinator: Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny, IA

Event Type: Trade Show, Vehicle Exhibits, Educational Roundtables

Attendees: 600 Students, Educators, OEMs, Government Officials, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: Iowa Department of Natural Resources, American Lung Association of Illinois – Iowa, and the Iowa State Governor’s Office

Event Highlights: Nineteen exhibitors took part in the Odyssey Day event trade show that provided education and awareness materials on alternative fuel vehicles, hybrids, alternative fuels, and refueling stations. A vehicle exhibit showcased 14 passenger vehicles available to consumers. The 600 attendees were also able to participate in educational breakout sessions throughout the day, while a live radio remote further helped to promote the event. Additionally, the ALA worked together with the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) to create a statewide, oneday sale of E85 and biodiesel. In conjunction with the Odyssey Day event, 22 refueling stations across the state offered a discount on alternative fuels while Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack signed a proclamation declaring October 12, 2006 as National Alternative Fuel Day in Iowa.