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Courtland High School, Spotsylvania County Schools – Spotsylvania


Attendance: 1200

Event Highlights:

AP environmental science students from Courtland High School prepared and completed activities to involve all Courtland High School students in Odyssey Day on November 7th. Students created ideas such as “Green Out” to wear green, “Cotton Day” to wear cotton, and “Walk, Bike, or Carpool to School Day” to encourage environmentally friendly methods of getting to school on their Odyssey Day. They also held “Alternative Fuel Races” during their lunch periods and used the time to explain alternative fuels to other students.  In addition, representatives from Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg displayed a Hybrid Honda Civic and made presentations throughout the day.

Honda Civic Hybrid display provided by Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg

Courtland High School students celebrating Odyssey Day