Clean Fuels Ohio

Host Site Coordinator: Clean Fuels Ohio

Event Type: Vehicle Display, Informational Exhibit

Sponsors/Partners: The Ohio State University Scarlet Gray and Green Fair, and The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research

Attendees: 1,000 Students, Faculty, General Public

Event Highlights: This year’s event took place on the Ohio State University campus and focused on educating students, faculty, and community residents about the alternative fuels and vehicles that are available, and where they can be obtained in Ohio. Participants also had the opportunity to see a GEM hybrid fuel cell vehicle owned by the OSU Center for Automotive Research. Hundreds of information bags were distributed, along with the Clean Fuels Ohio Vehicle Buyer’s Guide and E85 and biodiesel station locator brochures. The sixhour event gave us the opportunity to engage many of the students in discussions about cleaner fuel options and efficient vehicle technologies.