Clean Communities of Western New York, Buffalo, NY


Date: Thu, April 20, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT



Niagara Falls State Park
Parking Lot #3
Goat Island Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Craig Jackson, Site Coordinator
Email • 716-392-1905 • Host Page


Host Site Coordinator: Clean Communities of Western New York, Buffalo, NY

Event Type: Exhibits, Informational Booths

Attendees: 2,000 Government Employees and Officials

Participating Sponsors / Partners: City of Buffalo, NY

Event Highlights: An outreach event took place in the lobby of city hall to create awareness and promote alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and show how viable transportation alternatives can strengthen our regional economy and help reduce harmful emissions, improving air quality of the environment. Videos were shown to help expand the use of alternative fuels and get commitments from government agencies and fleet managers to help clean up the environment. Educating individuals about vehicles powered by alternative fuels can prevent the gradual and continuing destruction of our planet. Each of the alternatives are cleaner burning than the conventional gasoline and diesel fuels presently used, and continued education is necessary to help change opinions and persuade individuals to get involved and make a difference.



Site: Clean Communities of Western New York

Format: Conference and Seminar

Audience: Students and Fleet Operators/Owners

Attendees: 75

Highlights: Well received by all attendees.



Site: Clean Communities of Western New York, Buffalo

Format: Breakfast/Seminar

Audience: Fleet Managers (Public and Private), General Public

Attendees: 56

Highlights: Attracted their audience successfully, including 90% new from targeted list. Received high marks for the information provided.