Clean Communities of Central New York / Onondaga Community College (OCC), Syracuse


OCC Automotive Technology Department, OCC Sustainability,
OCC Campus Services

Attendance: 400 students, faculty, staff, fleet representatives, coalition members

Event Highlights: The Clean Communities of Central New York (CC of CNY) Odyssey celebration coincided with Campus Sustainability Day at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse.

The event included a number of presentations and a vehicle display arranged on the main quad of the campus. Vehicles showcased included two biodiesels, a B20 and a 1-Yellow Grease; a CNG Honda Civic GX; a plug-in hybrid prototype 2012 Prius provided by Toyota; a hybrid CRZ provided by Honda City; a GEM LSV provided by OCC; three electric vehicles (EVs) provided by Extreme EV; and a delivery bike provided by OCC staff.

The college population, along with auto-tech students from OCM BOCES – a high school trade program in Cortland, New York, and Baker High School students from Baldwinsville, New York – attended the event.

CC of CNY also participated in Odyssey’s national kickoff event in New York City, the Long Island Clean Cities Advance the Choice Odyssey event, and at Odyssey activities in Rochester, New York, and Hartford, Connecticut.

Contact: Barry P. Carr, Coordinator


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Host Site Co-Coordinators: Clean Communities of Central New York and Onondaga Community College

Event Type: Tour, Educational Exhibits, Ride-and-Drives

Sponsors: Eaton, Stadium International Trucks, Emissions Systems International, and American Honda

Attendees: 120 Stakeholders, General Public

Event Highlights: This sold-out event received tremendous amounts of positive feedback from Clean Community members as well as other attendees. During the event, Onondaga Community College hosted a tour of their auto tech facility, which was highly anticipated and well received by all. The event was led by Barry Carr and Joe Barry, Co-Coordinators of Clean Communities of Central New York. Ride-and-drive/exhibitors included Eaton (hybrid bucket truck and refrigeration truck), Evergreen Electric (ZAP XEBRA utility vehicle), American Honda (Civic GX and Phill), Imaginative Engineering (electric ATV), Destiny (Toyota Prius) and Honda City (Civic hybrid).



Host Site Coordinator: Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY

Event Type: Presentations, Vehicle Display, Tour of Facilities

Attendees: 118 Students, Educators, Automotive Technicians, Governmental Officials, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: American Honda, Clean Cities of Central New York, and Honda City

Event Highlights: Sparking public interest and getting the community talking about alternative fuel vehicle possibilities was the main goal for the event. A morning session was tailored more to students, educators, and technicians with the afternoon session focusing on the general public. Tables were set up for presenters to exhibit around the area where breakfast was served to help draw attendees to their booths. Presentations were given during the morning sessions covering different areas of alternative fuels, how they work, and the advancements within the automotive industry. The afternoon sessions discussed what the viable options currently are to consumers and how they can help make a difference. All guests were invited to tour the Automotive Department facilities and to take part in a ride-and-drive session using the alternative fuel vehicles displayed at the event.



Site: Onondaga Community College/Clean Communities of Central New York

Format: Fair/Conference

Audience: General Public, Government Officials, Educators, Environmental Organization Representatives, Fleet Operators, Automotive Technicians, and Students

Attendees: 151

Highlights: Tour of lab and refueling station. The most successful activities were ride and drives of various AFVs and a Toyota hybrid. Attendees showed significant interest in on-board diagnostics (OBD II) scan tools and new New York State automobile inspection program information.



Site: Onondaga Community College, Syracuse

Format: Conference/Fair

Audience: Fleets, Students, Elected Officials

Attendance: 153

Highlights: Tour of a fueling station; Jim Zobo spoke on a new ethanol plant; AFVs on display.