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Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte


Sponsors/Partners: North Carolina Raptor Center

Saturday, November 10, 2012
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Event Location:
NC Music Factory
Charlotte, NC

Event Highlights: Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition (CCFC) celebrated the use of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles during its National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey event on Saturday, November 10th, at The Saloon NC Music Factory. The CCFC’s Odyssey event took place in conjunction with the Carolina Raptor Center’s 2012 GoWILD! benefit concert at the NC Music Factory. Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, PowerFuel CNG Systems, and CCFC all had alternative fuel vehicles on display. Eight benefit concert tickets were given away to people who won a trivia wheel game; the game quizzed participants on their knowledge of alternative fuels and advanced transportation technologies.

Jason Wager, Site Coordinator
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Eaton Corporation, GBUSA Inc., Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, Caterpillar Inc., Piedmont Airlines, DesignLine Corp., City of Charlotte Airport, Li-ion Motors Corp., Charlotte Truck Center, Sustain Charlotte, Clean Air Works, Charlotte Truck Center, Central Piedmont Community College Center for Sustainability, Central Piedmont Community College Automotive Tech Department

Attendance: 162 consumers, students, faculty

Event Highlights: The 2010 Greater Charlotte National AFV Day Odyssey was hosted by the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition on the lawn of the Central Piedmont Community College Overcash Performing Arts Center. The event was an open house showcasing regional leaders in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. It highlighted various companies and public organizations that are working to promote a clean transportation future in the Charlotte region and develop related technology products. Vehicles from the local alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicle sector were on display (seven heavy-duty, service vehicles and two light-duty, consumer vehicles); including one of only sixty hydraulic launch assist refuse trucks operating worldwide, and the winner of the Progressive Automotive X Prize for electric vehicles. The event offered participants the chance to talk with experts and experience cutting edge vehicles first hand. The activities were punctuated by comments from Mecklenburg County Commissioner Jennifer Roberts, Eaton Corporation Specialty Products Sales Manager Mike Romine, and Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition Coordinator Jason Wager.

Event Location:
Central Piedmont Community College
Central Campus, Overcash Performing Arts Center
(Displays inside and AFVs outside)
1200 Elizabeth Ave.
Charlotte, North Carolina


Host Site Coordinator: Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition

Partner/Sponsor: York Technical College

Event Type: Training, Vehicle Display

Attendees: 29 First Responders

Event Highlights: In celebration of National AFV Day Odyssey 2008, Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition and York Technical College hosted a training workshop on hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) for first responders in Charlotte, North Carolina. This introductory workshop provided the needed knowledge and training for first responders, who will confront a growing number of automotive accidents involving hybrid-electric vehicles as these vehicles become increasingly popular. The newness of these vehicles has created an uncertainty, as well as raised concerns, for emergency response personnel. However, if properly trained, first responders will be able to deal with the unique scenarios an HEV can create at the site of an accident. Two instructors from York Technical College conducted the two-hour training session.

Following the training session attendees were given a chance to view several hybrid vehicles on display and ask questions. Included in the display was Duke Energy’s plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius.