Central Community College, Columbus, NE


Host Site Coordinators: Central Community College, Columbus, NE

Event Type: Ethanol Workshop, Biodiesel Workshop

Attendees: 50 Students, Educators, OEMs, General Public

Participating Sponsors / Partners: Nebraska Ethanol Board and Nebraska Soybean Board

Event Highlights: Thirty-four area high school and business participants shared in learning about ethanol, biodiesel, and other alternative fuels. Some of the high school students in attendance mentioned they learned more about future careers in the alternative fuels industry as well as how alternative fuels will become an increasingly important fuel in the future. Students liked the hands-on activities presented to show how biodiesel is made and how ethanol compares to regular fuel when burned in an engine. Additionally, representatives from area industry, ethanol, and biodiesel boards were available to answer questions and present information. One hundred percent of the participants said they would recommend the day’s event to others.



Site: Central Community College

Format: Conference/Exhibit

Audience: Educational Professionals, Automotive Technicians, Students, and General Public

Attendees: 250

Highlights: Overview of renewable fuels from a utility’s perspective. Presentation on deriving ethanol from corn. Power Drive Program (competition). Tours of campus and NAFTC training center exhibits/vehicle viewing. Power drive inspection. Power rally drew crowds. Video of Senator Chuck Hagel. Hydrogen video and panel discussion.



Site: Central Community College, Columbus

Format: Conference/Ride and Drive

Audience: Students and Technicians

Attendees: 189

Highlights: Great turnout; Panel session included overview of alternative fuels, ethanol, biodiesel; Event included tour of ethanol plant and ride and drive.