Bloom Township High School District 206


Bloom Township High School District 206




Attendance: 100

Event Highlights:

Physics students at Bloom High School began Odyssey Day by watching the Odyssey 2012 video. They then went on a tour to view two hybrid cars and one biodiesel car, and watched a video produced by Organic Valley on the ability to grow your own fuel.

Group photo for Odyssey Day

Odyssey Day presentation


Host/School: Bloom High School, Illinois

Attendance: 85

Event Highlights: Bloom High School students found the Odyssey video they viewed to be informative and thought provoking. Most of them were unaware that there are cars that get beyond 15-20 mpg and that there are fuels other than gasoline available. They valued the fact that owning an AFV would save a substantial amount of money on fuel in the long run.