Arkansas Clean Cities Coalition/Winrock International






Host Site Coordinator and Co-Coordinator: Arkansas Clean Transportation Partnership, Winrock International

Event Type: Vehicle Display, Press Conference, Industry Roundtable

Attendees: 100 State Representatives, General Public Event Highlights: Arkansas Clean Transportation Partnership’s National AFV Day Odyssey was headlined by Governor Mike Beebe who wowed the audience with his in-depth knowledge on first generation biofuels as well as cellulosic biofuels and biomass. He declared at the event that Arkansas should be the “Silicon Valley of biofuels,” and went on to explain how that could happen. The event was also attended by Arkansas Agriculture Secretary, Richard Bell, and a number of state representatives. The event displayed more than 10 alternative fuel vehicles including the Little Rock School District’s prototype diesel electric hybrid school bus, a Toyota Prius, a Camry, an E85 pick-up truck and a Chesapeake Energy CNG pick-up truck, as well as a conventional diesel vehicle, to prove the point that any diesel vehicle can operate on biodiesel.